CRI: Dueling Bible Answer Men – Pt 2 Hank Hanegraaff by Jackie Alnor

It is often said that unprincipled men accuse others of doing the very thing they themselves are guilty of. Hank and his henchmen succeeded in getting my husband expelled from the ministry, EMNR, which he brought up from the ashes. He marked Bill as a trouble-maker to his own church fellowship. And then he turns around and distributes a big piece of propaganda marking Bill as CRI’s greatest enemy whose motives were to bring CRI down. And he does this while Bill is lingering in a hospice, dying of cancer, that he succumbed to in 2011.

The Fatima of Oz by Jackie Alnor

While the good witch arrives on the scene in a floating multi-colored globe, the Fatima lady is said to arrive in the same manner. The Fatima Crusader publication took this from witnesses: “A luminous globe, traveling from the east to the west, gliding slowly and majestically in space. It floated in fact towards the holm-oak.” And then the children spoke to the lady, although onlookers could not see her – just the light she emitted.