TBN Sues Brittany Crouch Davidson 21 Times

Brittany Crouch Davidson, the granddaughter of Trinity Broadcasting Network founders Paul Sr. and Jan Crouch, and niece to current TBN President Matthew Crouch, has been sued by the religious TV network 21 times.

TBN has sued Davidson in California, New York and New Jersey. Davidson has given up fighting these legal battles. In a letter to Judge Scott Clarkson, Davidson lists the 21 lawsuits and writes, “I would like to be respectful of the Court and give notice that I will no longer be appearing or participating in this litigation, and I leave it up to the Court to decide what to do from here. I have been litigating with the Plaintiffs, who are also my family members for over 6 years …”

Such litigation is expensive. The network’s attorneys are profiting handsomely from these legal battles. In documents filed with the Internal Revenue Service, TBN reports spending $20 million on attorneys’ fees in four years. TBN has also waged a long court battle with Brittany’s sister Carra.

In her own words, here is the letter to Judge Clarkson … (Requires javascript to be enabled in browser.)


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