Important censored information we’ve all seen — rolled into one little animated presentation


After watching this video it triggered some thoughts I’ve had for a while. Why are they pushing this vaccine so hard? The motive is always missing from the discussion. The CDC and the FDA has known for a long time  what the side effects are. This clip is from October, and all these side effects are now coming to light today.

When you watch these scientists talk at any of their little conventions, they always talk about doing things for the greater good of society. An example of that is the use of geoengineering the masses to change their desires for meat to help the environment.  They do not look at individuals but at the collective. We have been so programmed to believe that the collective is more important than the individual without realizing that it is the individuals that make up the collective. I have a theory about the mRNA vaccine that after watching this video really helped me connect some dots here.

During the approval process, the FDA and the CDC did not want to discuss the benefits to immunity or how long it will last. They did not perform any rigorous safety studies or studies on the long term effects of what they are injecting. mRNA works to give directions to DNA, and the directions these mRNA vaccines are giving to our DNA is to produce parts of the Covid-19 virus. This is very important to understand here, our OWN bodies are producing the spike protein of Covid-19 but according to the scientists it is weaker than Covid-19 alpha. Put two and two together, that would be called a variant. It’s already been noted that Delta is less deadly but more contagious than the first iteration of Covid-19; covid was already created in a lab, so these scientists who created the vaccine already had a lot of information on how Covid-19 spread and how it was designed.

I truly believe that the scientist’s goal here is in their own twisted morals, for the “good of society”. I believe they purposely injected as many people as possible with the mRNA that makes all those vaccinated a host of this new weaker but more contagious Covid-19. They need this to be more contagious so those who are NOT vaccinated are infected by the vaccinated and create antibodies to combat both Delta and Alpha. By doing this, more people are thus exposed to covid, have antibodies, and although the temporary result will be an increase in cases, it is noted that the deaths are way down by comparison. This causes the media to scream “see the vaccine is working, only unvaccinated are dying!! GET YOUR VACCINE”.

I view the constant boosters as really dangerous if you think of the body as a computer and these “vaccines” as a “software update”, we deserve the “patch notes”– meaning we should know what instructions exactly these mRNA shots are giving our bodies to perform, but they refuse to tell us and even if they did it would probably be too complicated to understand for the average person.

To continue the illusion, “unvaccinated” counts are also exaggerated. Those considered unvaccinated aren’t just those who never took a dose, but those who only have 1 dose, or both doses of the mRNA but caught covid before their 2 weeks were up.

I can see what they are trying to do. They believe deceiving the population is the best way, but they also don’t care about their collateral damage because they believe that the benefits are worth it. Those who are disabled or die of the vaccines will be less than those who could have died of the first iteration of Covid-19, or at least that’s what they tell themselves, but it’s pretty obvious even Covid-19 Alpha is much weaker than previously modeled.

So the long and short of this is that it’s greed with a twisted moral high ground that is pushing this forward and a desire for control. Keeping the population scared is the best way to stay in power.

Side note, did you know Moderna doesn’t require the vaccine of their employees? Food for thought.