Michael Voris: Bucking the System

Michael Voris is a strong voice for Catholic traditionalism in a church rejecting biblical teaching for secular liberalism.

Michael Voris is a man on a mission. The general of Church Militant in Detroit, Michigan, is fighting a Holy War against an evil empire that has stolen the ‘keys to the kingdom.” But can a monolith the size of the Holy Roman Catholic Church (RCC) be reformed? Others have fought similar crusades and history shows how that turned out.

Voris is an award-winning news reporter who formed Church Militant as a teaching, correcting, news reporting, and whistle-blowing group. He also leads tours/pilgrimages and teaching cruises to popular Catholic attractions around the world and is a sought-after speaker for like-minded traditional Catholics. It can be said of him that he is a cross between Martin Luther and Malachi Martin.

As a staunch Catholic, Voris is outraged at the leadership — in particular, bishops and cardinals whom he says have proven unfaithful to the teaching of the Church and under whose leadership the RCC is close to being annihilated. He has shown the startling numbers of how few Catholics actually believe the teachings of their catechism, having never been taught the dogmas of the faith in Catholic schools. By the time the baby-boomers are off the scene, he contends, the death knell of Roman Catholicism will be sounded.

In a recent episode of his daily YouTube update, The Vortex, Voris lamented: “By now, it’s plain even to those with poor vision that the Church has been overrun by lefties, meaning those who have a Socialist, Marxist, Saul Alinskian, globalist worldview, who will stop at nothing from forcing their rigid, intolerant view of mankind down the throats of faithful Catholics. They started slowly at first, quietly getting their ducks in a row in theological centers and religious houses all over the Catholic world in the West. They set about to destroy the liturgy, Catholic education, Catholic theology and the entire Catholic culture…”

To observant outsiders looking on, the elephant in the room that never gets equal lambasting is the pope himself. When it comes to ‘the vicar of christ,’ Voris treads softly. Yet his description above suits Pope Francis to a tee. However, as a ‘faithful Catholic,’ Voris is careful not to touch the anointed ’seat of St. Peter,’ which could land him in the fires of hell in his mind. So when he wants to critique any position the pope holds, he quotes one of his lackeys instead.

No Welcome Wagon for Voris

Earlier this month, Voris and a small camera crew showed up at a convocation of church leaders sponsored by American Catholic bishops. He brought with him a list of concerns he had hoped would be discussed by the panel of the conference that advertised they would be studying concerns of ordained and lay Catholic ministries.

No sooner had Voris walked in the door of the resort hotel in Orlando, that he was stopped and escorted by Security out the door. His cameraman was threatened to stop filming or they would take his equipment. Security would not give him a good reason for the treatment he received but showed him a ‘wanted poster’ with his picture on it that warned officials to keep on the lookout for this guy and not allow him to enter.

The Church Militant group tried to engage bishops outside the hotel and hand them their list of concerns, but most were cordial but dismissing of Voris and his group. Some lay-Catholics did respond favorably and some were closet fans of The Vortex.

Perhaps Michael Voris is seen as a threat to the hierarchy after a run-in he had with Cardinal Dolan who was the Grand Marshall at the annual  St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City back in March, 2015. That was the year the parade officials allowed gay marchers with their rainbow flags to join in. That didn’t bother the cardinal in the slightest, and when Voris tried to get the cleric to answer his questions before the start of the parade, he was seized and manhandled right out of the Press area.

Recently, a Vatican-approved publication, La Civilta Cattolica, published an article called “Evangelical Fundamentalism and Catholic Integralism,” that singled out Voris as a troublemaker for his support of President Trump. Now it would seem that his name is mud in the very church he is willing to shed his own blood for.

The Washington Post, among many left-wing publications hailed the writer of the article, a Jesuit priest and Vatican insider, for defending the global, socialistic position of the RCC:

“A close confidant of Pope Francis, writing Thursday in a Vatican-approved magazine, condemned the way some American evangelicals and their Roman Catholic supporters mix religion and politics, saying their worldview promotes division and hatred. The editor of the influential Jesuit journal said a shared desire for political influence between ‘evangelical fundamentalists’ and some Catholics has inspired an ‘ecumenism of conflict’ that demonizes opponents and promotes a ‘theocratic type of state.’ Spadaro also took aim at conservative religious support for President Donald Trump, accusing activists of promoting a ‘xenophobic and Islamophobic vision that wants walls and purifying deportations.’”

Voris reacted with a diatribe of his own in a recent Vortex:

“Trump must go. Church Militant must go. Anyone who even gives the appearance of even believing in God must go. Diversity, Satan monuments, gay rights, inclusion, co-exist, multiculturalism and Planned Parenthood funding everywhere for everyone! The hypocrisy of the Left, both the political Left and the theologically heretical, dissident Left, is Luciferian in its scope, which stands to reason since the globalist, anti-Catholic forces are controlled by him. You may have heard that a close personal advisor of Pope Francis last week savaged us, Church Militant, in a hateful article, denouncing faithful Catholics generally and us specifically.”

“I know you are, but what am I”?

The accusation against Voris of promoting ecumenism couldn’t be further from the truth. Ecumenical talks are in high gear between the Vatican and liberal churches such as the Anglican and Lutheran denominations for the stated purpose of unifying the Church to empower the papacy with sheer numbers. Voris, on the other hand, is totally against all unity talks except for the express purpose of winning Protestants back to Rome.

He often points out how the Catholic Church has capitulated to Protestantism in the way they emulate elements of the Evangelical church by replacing the organ with guitars, youth conferences with contemporary Christian rock music, and other seeker-sensitive attractions to make the old institution youth-friendly. The evil he is being accused of are the very things his detractors are guilty of.

In his July 24th episode, Voris gave this scathing rebuke to the gay-friendly clergy:

“You all would much prefer to slink about in the shadows and issue vague, ponderous statements that no one knows exactly what they mean because that’s how you can accomplish all your evil — through stealth and petty, behind-the-scenes politicking, like a bunch of mean high school girls. That’s how you operate, always thinking of politics, always weighing what’s to your advantage and what can help or derail the agenda of your anti-Church. Well, welcome to the sunlight! You guys hate open, confrontation because your evil withers once it’s dragged out into the light. You have corrupted and poisoned countless souls and driven them away from the Church by your limp-wristed theology and the natural spawn of your evil, predatory homosexual priests.”

Voris’ long-held contention that the RCC is run by homosexuals and other perverts was certainly proved true recently when police raided an apartment within the walls of the Vatican while a group of priests were hosting an orgy. No women were present. Voris reported on the scandal:

“When news broke in Rome last week of a drug-fueled, homosexual orgy held by Msgr. Luigi Capozzi in the apartment of Cdl. Francesco Coccopalmerio, it seemed almost too insidious to believe… And here is the scary part. Sources of ours in Rome when asked about all this — this being the seemingly endless parade of high-ranking, Vatican officials who are actively homosexual or at the very least part of the so-called gay mafia in Rome — their response is ‘they are legion.’

Catholics need to wake up to the fact that many leaders in the Church are simply no longer Catholic in their minds or hearts. They seek the destruction of the Faith, not its evangelizing. .. it must be conceded, in more than one way, that indeed, they are legion…. The homosexual priest child sex abuse scandal was little else than the tip of the iceberg.”

Catholic Conspiracies

If all of this isn’t enough evidence to see a Catholic Underworld of evil, the conspiracy of Catholic globalists and humanists have their own organizations that are welcome in the RCC. The following is from the website of the American Humanist Organization – the one that publishes the Humanist Manifesto calling for the end of religion in favor of the new religion of the deity of mankind:

“In 1931 Pope Pius XI, in an encyclical commemorating the 40th anniversary of Rerum Novarum, reiterated its themes including the dignity of labor and the rights of workers to organize. Following this, several popes issued additional encyclicals emphasizing the church’s commitments to the humanist principles of social justice, human rights, and the dignity of labor. Catholic grassroots activism has been a principal proponent of humanist reforms relating to social justice. For example, ‘Call to Action: Catholics Working Together for Justice and Equality’ is one of several modern progressive grassroots Catholic organizations. Its mission statement notes that ‘Call to Action educates, inspires and activates Catholics to act for justice and build inclusive communities through a lens of anti-racism and anti-oppression principles.’”

Much of what Voris is standing up against are the same issues that Bible-believing Christians are up against in our own circles. The Emerging Church in both Catholic and Protestant persuasions are turning church history on its head in order to normalize leftist policies such as abortion, same-sex marriage, feminism and a global humanistic manifesto.

“They have traded their souls for worldly acclaim, power and fleeting glory,” Voris points out. “What a most terrible fate awaits these aging men if they do not repent. How far beyond even description will be their agonies and tortures in the fires of Hell for eternity. This is why they ignore Hell in their public proclamations, pretend it’s not real or pass along the anti-Christ idea that no humans go there. They have created an anti-Church to serve their anti-Christ in the middle of the Catholic faith. Make no mistake what’s going on here in the big grand scheme of things. All the Marxist, Socialist forces have been combining in the areas of politics, theology, commerce, media and so forth and carrying out their plans for world domination. And of course, they are.”

The evil men at the Vatican are caught in the devil’s web and deserve to be flushed into “the Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed.”


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  1. Great article. Forthcoming and concise. I applaud your sincerity and hope that more people of faith have the conviction to preach truth, live truth and defend TRUTH! By any means, in all places, for all time without human respect but with dignity for God’s children before it is too late for so many. God bless! A Catholic friend also looking for the unity Jesus spoke of when He said that He desired that we all become one. Good work!

  2. This is a fair and accurate article. To further understand this development over the last 50-100 years. Please google EWTN a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is a documentary that explains how modernity and socialism crept into the Church. It is about Saul Alinsky’s brand of socialism.

  3. God bless Michael Voris and the rest of the Church Militant staff. Revealing the truth is not always popular.

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