‘Make the Kingdom Great Again’-Jackie Alnor

And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying,
The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord,
and of his Christ; and He shall reign for ever and ever.

– Revelation 11:15

Make the Kingdom Great Again

President Trump rallied his supporters this past week in Phoenix while denouncing his political opponents. The fake news as represented by CNN and MSNBC responded in horror and outrage on their TV programs and the politicians on the Left turned up the murmuring about impeachment. Never in the history of the presidency has a POTUS bypassed elected officials and the mainstream news media to go directly to the heart of the people to win the public’s support for his policies.

He spoke more like a preacher than the “leader of the free world.” In his 90-minute long sermon/speech, he had to pause while the crowd went wild with applause and “Amens” and chants of “U.S.A!” “Drain the swamp!” “Lock her up!” and “CNN sucks!” He had his religious advisers on hand to keep his theology straight.

Televangelist Paula White elaborated on her position in the Trump White House on Jim Bakker’s program this past week how Trump relies upon her expertise to feed him Bible passages to use in his public discourse. She shared how she had been contacted by Donald Trump eighteen years earlier after he phoned her to rave about her message on fulfilling your vision. He was able to quote verbatim some points she made in her message. “He thought more kingdom-minded than almost any pastor I’ve ever been around,” White said. “He would sit for hours with us. He is one of the best listeners… You can’t be fearful right now. You can’t hide behind – like when Jesus was crucified like I said before, how the disciples hid and then Jesus showed Himself. And then they came out with boldness; they came out with power. We need the book of Acts church.”

Another TV preacher, Rodney Howard-Browne, has been a guest on several conservative media outlets in the past couple of weeks after he announced that an unnamed congressman told him of a plot to assassinate the president. He obtained the intel while visiting the White House with other “evangelicals” who formed a prayer circle around Trump.

Howard-Browne is notorious for bringing a spirit of laughter to America from his native South Africa back in the 1990s that started a spiritual movement of chaos in churches starting in Florida, then to Toronto and to the UK and around the world. It became known as the “Toronto Blessing” although many church leaders called it the “Toronto Curse” as it manifested unseemly behavior such as uncontrollable hysterics, shaking, and emanations of animal noises.

It’s a wonder how he got so close to the president and what sort of coaching he is capable of bringing to Trump, considering his reputation for trafficking in strange spirits. His church in Florida, The River at Tampa Bay Church, has a ministry called Kingdom Business Fellowship that defines its mission as: “studying principles from the Word of God that will teach and exhort men and women to build the Kingdom of God through business and finance.”

And speaking of “Kingdom Business,” another spiritual ally that has also been part of the White House prayer circle is Lance Wallnau. He is the author of The Seven-Mountain Mandate, a book that presents the concept that the church’s mission is to bring “kingdom principles” into the workplace to affect the culture and take dominion as God’s representatives on the earth. [For further information see this writer’s report: “Competing New World Orders

The Kingdom is yet to Come

Will the world follow the lead of the church in America? After all, we are to be salt and light in this fallen world. But the closer one is to Jesus, the more the world will hate us. How are we to represent Jesus in the workplace? We do not go along with any activity that is dishonest or deceptive to customers. If you work in the film industry, like Kirk Cameron who would not kiss an actress on the lips as it would be a breach of his wedding vows, look how often he is cast in any film. So he makes his own films – you won’t see Rotten Tomatoes give him any good reviews – in fact, the public won’t rush out to see them. Only Christians will pay the ticket price and not enough of them to put him in any sort of competition in the industry. If you are in any number of big companies, trying to work your way to the top – and they ask you to participate in a Tony Robbins event or other positive-thinking, motivational seminar designed to turn you into a money-hungry cut-throat go-getter, and you don’t go along — how far do you think you’ll get?

The devil is the god of this world, according to Scripture. Jesus told us how the world will treat us, and yet these kingdom-builders think the church can master the world — not without totally compromising with it, it won’t.

After I got saved, I found out how quickly I became a laughing stock to my co-workers. I couldn’t shut up about Jesus; – as a result, several co-workers came to the LORD and they too found out how that put them off the track to success. Those who hated Jesus weren’t too keen on us. The world loves its own. Those who are the called of the LORD are outside the camp alongside Him. We are strangers and pilgrims in this world – it is not our home. We will rule and reign over it alongside our Master when He returns to set up His Kingdom on earth – but not before.

The Biblical Hall of Fame in the Book of Hebrews shows how the world treats saints:

“Still others had trial of mockings and scourgings, yes, and of chains and imprisonment. They were stoned, they were sawn in two, were tempted, were slain with the sword. They wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins, being destitute, afflicted, tormented— of whom the world was not worthy…” – Heb. 11:36-38a

The history of the Roman Catholic Church reveals what happens when earthly power comes into the hands of ecclesiastical authorities. Thus the understanding of the saying: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

As citizens of our Father’s Kingdom we are undocumented foreigners in the kingdoms of this world. We are His ambassadors and as such we do not fit in – we’re seen as the outsiders we truly are. Our mission is not to force the citizens of the world to conform to the teachings of our King – rather we are recruiters for His Kingdom and our weapons are not carnal, but spiritual as we invite others to change alliances and receive the saving Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The C.O.R of the Kingdom Builders

The worldy-minded televangelists in Trump’s circle have similar political ambitions as church men who strive to change our democracy into a theocracy. Many of these are conservatives within the Tea Party and very vocal in the religious right.

Calvinist R. C. Sproul Jr. defines their style of government at his Ligonier website: “Theonomy might be understood as the conviction that the civil law God gave to Israel in the Old Testament ought to be the law of the land in all nations everywhere…. Theonomists, like the rest of us, long to see justice in the political realm. They long to see the nations discipled. They long to see the kingdom made manifest.” [http://www.ligonier.org/blog/what-reconstructionism-what-theonomy/]

He went on to say that Reconstructionism would offer an “optimistic eschatology… that the kingdom of God is growing, and will before the return of Christ cover the world as the waters cover the seas.”

One thing the Reconstructionists have in common with the dominionists is an aversion to the teaching of the Rapture of the Church – seeing it as “escapist” theology and a cop-out for Christians to ignore their civic duties. Yet many Premillennialists respond by comparing the enforcement of Old Testament laws with the sharia law of Islam – forced compliance with whatever religion rules – i.e. a loss of the right to freedom of religion.

The founding president of the Coalition of Revival (C.O.R.), Jay Grimstead, back in the mid 1980s formed his organization to network with other Protestant leaders in an effort to harness the numbers politically as a way to positon the church to eventually “take America back for God” – or another way of putting it, “Make America Great Again.”

Prophecy teacher Hal Lindsey defined this “kingdom” agenda in his 1989 book, The Road to Holocaust: “Christian Reconstructionists… believe they have a mandate from God to reconstruct society by strictly instituting the civil code of the Law of Moses over the governments of the world, beginning with the United States. They believe that this is the way the Church will establish the Kingdom of God on earth before the personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ.” [pg. 27]

Such an effort would require an entirely new manifestation of Christianity and would require the cooperation of churches of every stripe. Grimstead saw one potential fly in the ointment: eschatology.  In a 1986 article in The Washington Times called, “Manifesto for Worldview,’ reporter Larry Witham interviewed Grimstead about the new manifesto that C.O.R. circulated and that was signed by hundreds of church leaders across the country.

Referring to the Manifesto, Witham wrote, “It says that as small differences divided the church, ‘self-centered, false versions of Christianity arose along with a concern ‘more with heaven, the future and escaping from this world at Christ’s second coming…’ But the effort began in 1982, when Mr. Grimstead proposed the idea to two Christian leaders, the late Francis A. Schaeffer and the Rev. Dr. Tim LaHaye. Their support, and that of 60 other Christian leaders and activists by 1984, propelled the coalition… To be surmounted in such a coalition, Mr. Grimstead said, were the differences in eschatology – beliefs about God’s plan in the end of the world or mankind – that members hold.”

One tool at Grimstead’s disposal to eliminate any naysayers was to form a “Church Council” which would be “made up of a wide variety of leaders from the general Body of Christ.” First problem on their agenda in Grimstead’s own words, “that we exercise Matt. 18  church accountability (and perhaps discipline if necessary) upon both Constance Cumby (sic) and Dave Hunt.” He accused both of them of attacking him and others in the Coalition in their books that warned about the encroachment of New Age ideas into the church. [pg. 9 – “A statement of clarification about COR’s stance on the Kingdom of God, Reconstruction and false charges about involvement in the New Age Movement,” by Jay Grimstead, Feb 18, 1988).

Neither Hunt nor Cumbey would honor them with their appearance, so instead of dragging them in front of the “Church Council” members of COR published a book trashing Dave Hunt and encouraged all COR associated churches to shun him. The book, The Reduction of Christianity, by Recon Gary DeMar, foreword by Gary North, attempted to refute the clear biblical warnings given in The Seduction of Christianity. Lutheran apologists Bob and Gretchen Passantino (whose brother Cal Beisner was on COR’s steering committee) wrote the book, Witch Hunt to do a ‘witch hunt’ on Dave Hunt for the truth he wrote.

Charismaniacs got in on the hunt for Hunt, publishing several books against him such as The Church Divided, an anthology by Robert (not-so) Wise featuring false teachers such as Paul Yonggi Cho, Dennis and Rita Bennett. And supportive writings by dead people such as Kathryn Kuhlman were thrown in to confirm their position. One contributor, Bill DeArteaga who wrote two chapters turned his argument into his own book, Quenching the Spirit, which was an entire apologetic as to how God supposedly revealed His truths first to the Metaphysical cults because the church just wasn’t quite ready to accept such revelation from Him. The author baptized such alien practices as guided visualization, hypnotism, altered states of consciousness, levitation, spirit channeling, and the launching of the new age of the superman. And he concluded that Hunt was engaging in legalism to discount what they rescued from this “witches’ brew.” (Endorsements of the book listed inside include names such as Judson Cornwall, Billy Joe Daugherty, Francis Frangipane, Jack Hayford, Marilyn Hickey, Ray McCauley, Oral Roberts, Loren Sandford, Karl Strader, Lester Sumrall and the king of ecumenism: Vinson Synan.)

Now in hindsight, it is clear that had the church at large heeded Dave Hunt’s clarion call of warning that the ideas of the occult were infiltrating the body of Christ, the mainline churches wouldn’t be in the decline we see today. The onlooking world wouldn’t feel threatened by the Gospel call to die to the world and live for Christ – but they most certainly want to take up arms against what they see as legions calling to take America back again. They envision scenes of the Puritans burning suspected witches at the stake. The opposition is willing to shed blood for their liberty to live with degrading passions and perverse lifestyles.

Cyrus and the Re-Imagined Church

The dominionist church militant’s agenda of building God’s kingdom on earth, ruled by His chosen ones, appears to be backfiring. Instead of a new age of peace and prosperity, they now have a holy war on their hands. And all those calling themselves Christians or Republicans have been drafted in.

Grimstead’s goal for C.O.R. is so close in the minds of the dominionists: “We strongly urge all who wish to see the church revived and our society reformed and reestablished upon a biblical base to initiate a Solemn Assembly within their own local church… We believe that formally making such a covenant in public will release something in the heavenlies as we imitate Nehemiah and Ezra in this.” – [December 1986 C.O.R. newsletter]

That vision back some 31 years ago, comparing the takeover of America for Christ to the prophet Nehemiah rebuilding the walls of the Temple in Jerusalem, looks like a reality now. All they needed was another King Cyrus, the Babylonian ruler who authorized Nehemiah to return to the City of David even while Israel was in captivity. The Kingdom-Now proponents believe that man is now in power – Donald J. Trump.

Although I wasn’t in the room when the circle of dominionists prayed around President Trump, I have a pretty good guess. Knowing that Paula White and company rarely ask God, but rather ‘decree’ what they want from Him. Curt Landry, one of their associates from Elijah List Ministries, published this prayer for Trump after his election that they would no doubt be in agreement with:

“We agree with the decrees that Donald John Trump, president elect of the United States of America – we agree with his proclamations and we decree he is sent to the United States in 2016, biblical year 5777 as an anointed Cyrus. We receive him and we set him in place in Yeshua’s name. And we agree out of Zion and out of the courts of heaven that you would release new angels and Michael the archangel and the heavenly hosts of Israel around him his family and all his administration. We decree they are off limits to the attacks of the enemy… Father, God, in the name of Jesus, we receive the Cyrus anointing into our life into our mountain. We touch and agree that this next 8 years be a season of prosperity, a season of great health, a season of revival and a wakening blast… and we as the one new man, as the inheritance of God decree and declare that President elect is a Cyrus, sent to the United States and to Israel and to the nations to bring alignment with God’s ways… Father God, this 45th president will break open the gates of bronze. Father God, this Jubilee year, he will subdue the nations; he will loose the armor of kings; he will open the double doors so that the gates will not be shut. We as a nation will go before and make a way to make the crooked places straight again so other nations might align with the United States and not make war but that we would prosper. . . We release the key of David and the sure mercies of David over President-elect Donald John Trump… and we put a demand on the treasures of darkness and hidden riches in secret places, come forth now in Yeshua’s name. We decree in the courts of heaven that the transfer of wealth with the Cyrus anointing [King Midus?] sitting in the highest place in the land, that the economy… will recover, with exponential growth, witty inventions, and Cyrus will prosper and the remnant of God, following God’s ways will prosper for God’s kingdom, in Jesus’ name. Father God, we seal it in Yeshua’s name…” [Shofar blasted at end].

Other so-called prophets have endorsed the King Cyrus-Trump idea including Jim Bakker, Perry Stone, and Lance Wallnau. These self-proclaimed prophets have just been waiting for the word from King Cyrus to launch God’s kingdom on the earth without the presence of the King of Kings, Christ Jesus. They gathered together in Washington D.C. in 2010 in a gathering they called “The Shift.” The promo material defined what that “Shift” would be:

“The Shift is a call to the Bride of Christ who solely contains the power of God to rescue the nation from the spirit of greed… and realign our country with her destiny course… History has witnessed the Ancient of Days who used His prophets to change entire nations overnight and turn captivity into triumph… That same Spirit was was upon Haggai, Ezra and Nehemiah and the joy that strengthens the people to finish the rebuilding of the temple is upon us now…Extraordinary economic miracles are ready to explode upon our nation as we gather around the Throne of God in holy assembly. New signs and wonders of unprecedented proportion will become the clear guideposts on the road to recovery… In response to the tyrants who are plotting to subdue this nation in the spiritual, economic and political arenas, we are calling you to join hands with us as we ring the Liberty Bell over our great nation and declare Leviticus 25:10, ‘Proclaim Liberty Throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.”

If this doesn’t sound like anything you were ever taught in Sunday School, that’s because these false prophets have long been at war with the old time religion. As former Kansas City prophet, Mike Bickle said back in 1986, “I believe God is going to renovate the entire understanding of what Christianity is in the nations of the Earth… in 20 years there will be a totally different understanding of what Christianity is from what it is right now. I believe God is going to… change it in the Earth in this generation.” [tape, “Overview of Corporate Long Term Vision, 1/5/86.]

This rhetoric has not been lost on the deep state and its competing agenda. Who would have thought that the next Civil War in America would be a holy war? We citizens of the heavenly Kingdom that is to come at the return of our Savior have no dog in this fight. Sadly though, as conscientious objectors we may just end up as POWs in one of the enemy camps.

If King Cyrus ends up with a deadly wound and it is miraculously healed, some well-meaning, yet misinformed followers may break rank and run to the caves and mountains. (Revelation 13:3)


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  1. Jackie, I am so grateful to you for this article. I sit daily in total shock at the things Prez Trump says and the resounding, “Amen.” he receives from so many Christians that I personally know and thought had a brain in their heads. I don’t mean the Paula White’s of this world, rather, believers I’ve been friends with for years and until now have exercised decent discernment. It’s downright creepy and discouraging.

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