Extreme Social Engineering – Normalizing the Perverse

By Jackie Alnor

It is no surprise to on-the-alert Christians today just how hard the devil is at work to corrupt the children of the world. We are well aware of his use of things like cartoons, music, movies, and even public education to lure kids into indecency by use of positive reinforcement. But one area of infiltration misses the notice of conservative parents – and that is the video game.

When purchasing a game for a child’s Nintendo game system – or any other player for that matter – parents usually count on the rating used by the industry. “E” rated games are for everyone, children included. “T” is for older kids: teens. And “M” is for mature people, supposedly, since mature people show their maturity by toying with sex, nudity, violence, and occultism (major eye-roll).

However the “E” should stand for ‘eclipsed’ – since the ‘evil’ is lurking beneath the surface.

This came to my attention recently when my techie daughter, Amber, texted me about a remake of an ‘E’ rated game she liked that just came out. It was originally called ‘Harvest Moon; A Wonderful Life’, but the reboot is ‘Story of Seasons; A Wonderful Life.’

She wrote:

“The gender ideology has slowly been pushed on kids through video games as well.  A game I played as a kid was just released as a remake, and when you create your character, it doesn’t ask you if you’re a boy or girl: you create how the character looks and then you list your pronouns. The choices are he/him she/her or they/them. And this game is just a casual farming simulator game, nothing weird about it. You work a farm, get married, have a family but they have now also added the ability to marry anyone. It does not matter what you choose for your starting character and it’s crazy how much I’m seeing stuff like this going on now.”

This gender dysphoria delusion is being pushed the hardest in the Western World and is starting to become commonplace. In fact, although Amber’s daughter attends a conservative public middle school, one of her teachers has the words “she/her are my pronouns” underneath her name on her office door. Is this normal? Well, not to us normal folks. But the gateway into this new paradigm is the pronoun question.

Amber continued:

“It’s like seriously the most casual, happy game. And of course, I just created a female character and have no intention of romancing the female bachelorettes around this town. It’s pretty annoying how it has to be pushed in every aspect of life as if it’s some universal truth. In today’s world it’s all about pushing a lie repeatedly so much that it’s believed to be true (kinda like vaccines actually).

“I’m actually not sure if anyone in the conservative movement is playing video games enough to notice this. This game is a remake and those mechanics were not in the original games. It’s like they are erasing the past

“Most games now have you create a character without identifying its sex except through pronouns. They’re asking kids to “list your pronouns” which is what I call a “leftist gateway question” because it forces a conversation on parents they may not want to have. And when you have this conversation with kids prior to puberty, it plants a seed for them to try and research how to change their gender and that awkward phase is when you hate your body.”

Imagine teaching children to hate their own bodies by creating characters that can actually be turned into hermaphrodites!  This just goes along with some potential laws seen recently in the news where parents can have their children removed from their custody for not going along with their child’s desire to get frankensteinian medical procedures.

Amber breaks it down:

“So in this game you can:
– Choose your pronoun
– Have full choice to marry any of the bachelors or bachelorettes
– If you’re in a same sex relationship in the game, you and your spouse will still have a baby even though that’s not biologically possible, there will be no explanation on where that baby came from.

In the original game, Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, which was released in 2003, you could only be a male character and only marry the female characters. A year later 2004, Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life was released where you could play as a female farmer and only marry the male characters in town.

This remake of those titles allows you to be male, female, or nonbinary and no matter what you choose, all marriage candidates are open for you to marry and no matter what you and your spouse will have a child even if it doesn’t make biological sense..

The new title is called Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life, and was released in America on June 27, 2023. So a lot changed in 20 years.”

A video on YouTube that went viral recently showed a bunch of vile sorts of humanity marching in a gay pride parade in New York City. They were chanting in unison: “We’re coming after your children.” Of course, we already knew that since we watched concerned parents being dragged away by local thug-police from various “Drag Queens Story Hours” indecently performed for children.

When shopping for a video game, pay particular attention to the role-playing variety and the life simulators, as well as single-player adventure games. Platforming games like Donkey Kong or Mario are okay – these are just characters running through levels and they tend to be safe. Do your homework before buying.

Remember, the Bible tells us that we are to be aware of the devil’s schemes and even to recognize when doctrines of demons are at work. Our innocent children are a target and we are there to protect them.

Here is an article about this game showing the changes and it highlights the non-binary and marry anyone changes made:

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