“Metamorphosis of the Universal Church in Our Time” – Part 1 – by Jackie Alnor



I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast
which was full of names of blasphemy,
having seven heads and ten horns.
The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet,
and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls,
having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations
and the filthiness of her fornication.
— Revelation 17:3b-4


The sleeping giant in Rome has awakened. She has been in hibernation for the past 400 years, but it appears she is making a come-back – her final curtain is at hand. She is making herself ready.

She has no patience for any whom oppose her authority – she cannot be questioned while she sits as a queen in her temple in the Eternal City. She claims she holds the keys to the kingdom and whatever she decrees, the God in Heaven must endorse, be it right or wrong. After all, she rules over the kings of the Earth in His stead and has the assistance of the Queen of Heaven.

The Fourth Lateran Council declares: “The Roman Church, as the mother and mistress of all the faithful, by the will of Christ holds primacy of jurisdiction over all other Churches.” This is quoted in an ‘Encyclical Letter’ of Pope Leo XIII on ‘The Unity of the Church’ he wrote in 1896. In this letter he refers to the Catholic Church in the feminine gender and declared that she is to ‘rule the nations.’ He concluded:

“Let such as these take counsel with themselves, and realize that they can in no way be counted among the children of God, unless they take Christ Jesus as their Brother, and at the same time the Church as their Mother.”

Her priests have the power to call Christ down from Heaven upon the altars of their magnificent cathedrals, transforming mere pieces of round, flat wafers into the actual body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ although invisible to naked eye. In the past, those who have pointed out that the “emperor has no clothes” were dealt with severely in what has come to be known as “The Dark Ages.”

From the 11th to the 16th centuries, she held her subjects in a tight grip. If they questioned her agents, the priests, her fury was unleashed against them. A torturing device her priests sadistically employed – especially against the fairer sex – was made in her honor. They called it the “Iron Maiden.”

Somehow, these medieval priests got joy out of seeing the subjugated people suffer. Their sadomasochism had no restraint as they were given carte blanche permission by the demonic popes to torture, humiliate, and rape to their dark hearts content.

History Repeats Itself

We look back at the infamous Inquisitions and marvel at the inhumanity of man towards man – we always thought that couldn’t happen in modern times. We’re more civilized than ancient Rome whose gladiators fought to the death as the audience frothed at the mouth with glee. And the Holy Roman Empire upstaged their political forefathers in their debauchery. Oh, but, that couldn’t happen now – could it?

Enter: the pedophile priesthood. 

“What’s coming to light in view of all this non-stop scandal is just how corrupt the institutional Church has become,” said Michael Voris of Church Militant in a recent episode of The Vortex. “From top to bottom, a culture of secrecy, non-transparency, non-accountability, vengeance, careerism, egoism, have all contributed to a massive crisis of faith in the Church.”

Voris is one of the few traditional, conservative Catholic voices speaking out against the travesties of the perverts that are now in control of the Holy See. He warns “the faithful” Catholics that if they do not rise up against the corrupt system, the institution will implode upon itself and be no more. He sees the monster it has become, as he noted in another Vortex:

“When Archbishop Viganò (Vatican whistle-blower) released his explosive testimony last month — and has now gone into hiding for fear of his life — he rightly described the homosexual network in the Church as a giant octopus with tentacles everywhere strangling the life out of the Church. His exact words were that the homosexual networks ‘act under the concealment of secrecy and lies with the power of octopus tentacles, and strangle innocent victims and priestly vocations, and are strangling the entire Church.’”

Another voice of dissent opposing “the reign of terror” (as Voris refers to the gay mafia hierarchy) in the Catholic Church is Michael Matt, president of The Remnant, an anti-Vatican-II organization founded by his father back in the 1960s. Like Church Militant, Matt tries to harness the collective power of the Catholic traditionalists to hold the corrupt cardinals and bishops’ feet to the fire.  In a recent YouTube video of The Remnant Underground, (taped in a make-shift Catacomb with human skulls lining the back wall), he said:

“The situation is beyond desperate in the church and the devil is obviously hard at work trying to destroy our church, destroy our lives, destroy the souls of our children, our schools – everything – our entire way of life. And if we don’t fight back with the spiritual weapons – at least that’s the way I see it – that holy Mother Church has given us down through the ages… [rosary, scapular, etc.] we are walking into a battle against raw evil without armor, without sword, without anything. We’re defenseless, so join us…Let’s go to war.”

The response from the ‘shadow government’ of the Catholic Church to these men was fast and furious. Church Militant’s newscast reported this counter-attack from the host of the EWTN radio show called “Open Line”.

“Fr. Larry Richards is being slammed for demonizing Church Militant. The comments took place during a live call-in show yesterday on EWTN radio: ‘Church Militant is not of God. Stay away from Church Militant. I’m very clear about it – Church Militant is not of God and I don’t care who says it’s of God….It is from the devil himself. It brings division, division, division. Don’t ever listen to anything from Church Militant. Let it be clear, anybody disagrees with me, I’m sorry, but you’re wrong. So don’t let Church Militant, anything they say, it’s all bad, it’s not of God.’” [Christine Niles: Church Militant Headlines 9/21/18.]

EWTN founder, the late Mother Angelica, was a traditionalist and keeper of the “Latin Tridentine Mass.” She would have no doubt been outraged that such a man could be on the network she treasured. However, her voice was silenced long before her death.

Musician Kevin Banet gave his eye-witness account of the nun’s resistance to the modernists in the Catholic Church that were trying to take over her network before a severe stroke disabled her and she lived out her years in a nursing home. [https://vocationpromotion.com/2018/01/mother-angelica-ewtn-founder/ ]

“Years later I met Mother Angelica when she attended the Institute on Religious Life’s annual banquet. Working for the IRL, I got to lead her around a bit that night. The crowd was the biggest in my memory working there, and we had to rent a tent to accommodate the numbers. This was the night she shocked the crowd with one of her one-line zingers. She had been battling the US Bishops’ Conference over what could only be called a hostile takeover attempt of her network. Her conversation with the priest at the other end of the line was firm: ‘I’ll blow the damn place up before you get your hands on it.’ The crowd roared. It wasn’t the last time her listeners would hear the prophet’s cry.”

The anti-Mother Angelica takeover by ecumenical forces is complete. A columnist for The Remnant Newspaper, wrote in his book:

“With Mother Angelica’s departure as the network’s signature personality, EWTN’s militantly Catholic edge was lost…An ‘ecumenical,’ watered-down blandness, delivered largely by ex-Protestant ministers, combined with lame attempts at ‘cool’ Catholicism with a heavy emphasis on rock music, have all but replaced the robust Roman Catholicism that fiery Italian nun exemplified. EWTN’s programming now exhibits the same emasculation and liberalization of the Church…Gone is the kind of anti-modernist fervor we witnessed when Mother blasted the American bishops for allowing a woman to perform the role of Christ at World Youth Day in Denver 1993.” – [EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong by Christopher A. Ferrara @2006]

Pontifical Teeth Showing

On the heels of several states in America launching official investigations into the pedophile/pederast priest crimes, starting in Pennsylvania, Pope Francis retaliated by calling all victims ‘accusers of the brethren’ and in league with Satan. He compared the bishops and cardinals who colluded in the cover-up to Jesus being silent before his accusers. And that included himself, who was implicated in the promotion of those crooked men into high ranking positions in the Vatican.

No doubt, the first Jesuit pope was also outraged by the publication and popularity of the book, The Dictator Pope, by Henry Sire. In a recent Q&A, the author was asked:

“Why did you initially choose to be anonymous but have now revealed your true identity?”

“Well we know that Pope Francis’ regime it ensues retaliation against anybody who critics him and I wanted to protect myself from that and more particularly protect the people whom the Vatican might think associated with me… He’s a politician and he relies upon public relations…and basically it’s telling people they need to look beyond this façade and see what Pope Francis really is and what he has done… If you speak to bishops or cardinals in Rome, they will tell you that Pope Francis does not deal with them in a collegial spirit at all…Pope Francis is a dictator…. From a personal point of view, Francis is an example of very few maverick popes that there have been in history who’ve been chosen without proper thought. And have gone completely off the rails…Pope Francis is a product of a totally corrupt Society of Jesus and he’s by no means the worst example of them…”

The Nature of the Beast

Scripture instructs us to “test all things,” “know them by their fruit,” and be “not ignorant of the devil’s schemes.”

Since the end of the counter-Reformation in the 17th Century, the Roman Catholic Church has cleaned up her act – at least in her public image. Her bad behavior went underground even to the extent that rumors of satanic masses in the Vatican have been whispered about. Those in the know, such as author Malachi Martin met with suspicious deaths. Wikipedia reports:

“Malachi Martin died of an intracerebral hemorrhage due to a fall in his apartment in Manhattan in 1999, four days after his 78th birthday. It was cited in the documentary Hostage to the Devil that he was pushed from the stool he was standing on by a demonic force.”

And now details are emerging that the majority of the school of cardinals in Rome are part of the “gay mafia” and forced the retirement of Pope Benedict XVI in order to surreptitiously install a globalist, socialist Jesuit to remake the Catholic Church into a gay-friendly social justice power.

Joseph Ratzinger is no doubt relieved that he didn’t end up like Pope John Paul I, who died within thirty days of becoming pope in another suspicious manner before the ecumenical Pope John Paul II was installed, who pushed the unity in diversity agenda that the current pope is building upon. [See my YouTube video “The New World Church” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-4TZz5erFw&t=1344s ]

Church history is replete with scary popes, some of whom fathered future popes, had harems, murdered competitors, and committed a plethora of sadistic crimes against humanity.

Catholic crusaders like Michael Matt and Michael Voris are men trying to slay the dragon – the monster that they believe has taken over their beloved institution. What they don’t see is that the institution itself has been the dwelling place of such monsters from its inception. “Can a leopard change its spots?”

Like Martin Luther before them, who tried to reform the system from within, they will soon discover that they will find themselves on the outside looking in when they are excommunicated as he was at the start of the Reformation. They should learn from history, what the newly awakened monster is capable of, to the extent that Luther was hidden away by Frederick the Wise in the Wartburg castle to protect him from being killed by the pope.

Although televangelist James Robison has testified that when he “looks in Pope Francis’ eyes he sees Jesus”, the true nature of the beast is beginning to lose its disguise. The Magisterium’s ‘mistress’, the Roman Catholic Church, is now being threatened with extermination under the heavy burden of scandals that is driving away “the faithful.”

In a slip of the tongue, Pope Francis told a reporter who gave him a book with a picture of John Paul II on its cover, “He was a saint; I am the devil.”

“So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:  And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. And when I saw her, I marveled with great amazement.” Rev 17:3-7

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