Metamorphosis of the Universal Church – Part 2 – by Jackie Alnor

“Lucifer Enthroned in the Unholy See”

  •  “I’m Michael Voris coming to you from the Vatican where there are conflicting reports about a potentially explosive 6-year-old dossier, up to now largely forgotten. The 300-page dossier dates back to the final months of Pope Benedict’s pontificate… Some of those who have [read it], tell us that the information is not just about homosexuality within the Roman and Vatican clergy, but also satanic rituals… There seems to be something directly diabolical at foot…. Adding to all this, numerous churchmen will tell you privately that among the sinister players at work in the hierarchy are various Freemasons — some in extremely influential positions, hidden in plain view. Aspects of Freemasonry have long been associated with Satanism, so the connections between active homosexuals, Freemasons and satanic practices here in Rome shouldn’t really come as that much of a surprise.”
    The Vortex, October24, 2018.

The culmination of all the false religions is just around the corner. The mystery religions of the New World Order are coming full-circle with the god of this world firmly in place in the City on Seven Hills. This on-the-spot report by traditional Catholic Michael Voris no doubt comes as a shock to many mindless Catholics who have been trained to leave all religious thinking up to their priests and bishops. Yet for Voris, it all comes to no surprise.

The pope revealed what his priorities are when he refused to answer questions about the homosexual sex parties in the Vatican after arrests were made. On August 27, Chicago’s Cardinal Blase Cupich told NBC news that Pope Francis has a “bigger agenda” than dealing with accusations that he covered up sex abuse. He has a mission to complete, like taking care of “the environment and protecting migrants. We’re not going to go down a rabbit hole on this.”

Upon further investigation, the pope’s “mission” is coming into clearer focus. His agenda does not concern itself with the salvation of souls, but with the establishment of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) as a global religious power with authority over the nations. Such is the official view of the purpose of the ‘Holy See’ – the Vicar of Christ ruling the Kingdom of God on Heaven’s behalf: a sort of renewal of the Holy Roman Empire when kings would show subservience to the “Seat of Peter.”

The goals and mission of the papacy are spelled out clearly in an Encyclical Letter written by Pope Leo XIII in 1896. It is titled, “The Unity of the Church.” He addressed the Encyclical to “Our Venerable Brethren, All Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops and Bishops of the Catholic World” and opens it with these pretentious remarks:

“It is sufficiently recognized by you that no small share of Our (sic) thoughts and of Our care is devoted to Our endeavor to bring back to the fold, placed under the guardianship of Jesus Christ, the chief Pastor of souls, sheep that have gone astray. To achieve this goal, We have thought it most conducive to this salutary end and purpose to describe the exemplar and, as it were, the lineaments of the Church. Among these the most worthy of Our chief consideration is Unity.”

What an incredible misuse of pronouns in capitalizing them when referencing their own Hierarchy. They really see themselves as gods on earth. Years later these “sheep that have gone astray” will be referred to as “the separated brethren” under the terms of Vatican II.

This letter does not merely assume authority over the rest of us Christians, but over all the nations as well. On page 6 of this 53-page letter, he (lower-case) writes:

“Jesus Christ commanded His apostles and their successors to the end of time to teach and rule the nations. He ordered the nations to accept their teaching and obey their authority.” [Italics in orig]

Throughout his Encyclical, Pope Leo XIII deifies the Roman Hierarchy as ‘God on Earth’ and wrings “Their” collective hands over the loss of their once great position prior to the Reformation.

“[T]he Holy and Apostolic See and the Roman Pontiff holds the primacy of the Church throughout the whole world: and that the same Roman Pontiff is the successor of St. Peter, by Our Lord Jesus Christ to feed, to rule, and to govern the universal Church…. In like manner the Fourth Lateran Council declares: ‘The Roman Church, as the mother and mistress of all the faithful, by the will of Christ holds primacy of jurisdiction over all other Churches.’” [pg. 38]

The Bible – The Word of God – never seems to be considered when power-hungry unregenerate Pharisees grab for temporal power. Dave Hunt, the author of The Seduction of Christianity, wrote these wise words in an article titled, “Early Church Errors Repeating?”

“The church that was supposed to be the bride of Christ, awaiting eagerly the return of her Bridegroom to take her to heaven, had tired of waiting for Him and married the world instead. Now occupied with building an earthly kingdom over which she could reign in an adulterous partnership with kings and emperors, the church lost its hope of heaven and began to look upon itself as the replacement for God’s earthly people, Israel.”

They forget what Jesus told His apostles:

“Ye know that they which are accounted to rule over the Gentiles exercise lordship over them; and their great ones exercise authority upon them. But so shall it not be among you: but whosoever will be great among you, shall be your servant.” – Mark 10:42-43

Dueling Popes

As Voris reported in the opening quote – the Vatican has been infiltrated by Satan and his henchmen. It comes as no surprise that the Leftist Progressives in America have also tapped into demonic power to pursue the same agenda on the secular stage. These two satanic streams are now ready to join together to increase their power base. We true believers can do our part by partnering with “The Restrainer” to hold back the flood of evil. I believe that Restrainer to be God Himself, the Holy Spirit, working through the true Bride in whom He dwells – until He be “taken out of the way” – and we tag along with Him in the Rapture.

Scripture tells us not to be ignorant of Satan’s schemes. We’re told in the 5th chapter of Ephesians to “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.” When we can see the big picture, the agenda of the enemy, we can help one another not stumble into their traps.

Which brings us to the Jesuits – “The Society of Jesus” founded by Ignatius of Loyola in the 16th century, this monastic order came into being to defend Rome against the dreaded Reformers in the Counter-Reformation.

Francis is the first Jesuit pope – hand-picked by the gay and/or gay-affirming cardinals in retaliation for the conservative rule of Pope Benedict XVI. The ‘Lavender Mafia’ is said now to be in the majority of the members of the Curia in the Vatican. These were the same men shown in a video that went viral on YouTube shunning Pope Benedict in a receiving line for a diplomat, shaking hands with the visitor and rejecting the pope’s extended hand, even turning their back on him. And shortly after this, Benedict announced his retirement.

It must have thrilled these men in red when soon after Francis took over he was questioned by the media about homosexuals in the church.

“At the outset of his papacy, in 2005, Benedict ordered that gays should be banned from seminaries and the priesthood. Francis has a more tolerant view. When asked about homosexuality during an in-flight press conference in 2013, he famously said, ‘Who am I to judge?’” [, October, 2018, “Pope Vs. Pope”]

Understanding Liberation Theology: The Jesuit Uprising

One cannot see the big picture of how Satan infiltrated the RCC without a basic understanding of Liberation Theology, a communistic, socialist-political-religious world view popular in South America – the region from which the current Jesuit pope hails. There’s no better scholar to study on the subject than the late Malichi Martin. [See Part 1 for more details.]

It is such a complicated subject that I cannot summarize all the ins and outs very easily. I can show you from Malichi Martin’s own educated view, the sequence of events that changed the RCC from a traditional religion into the “Frankenchurch” we see today. So bear with my extensive quotes and ponder his every word. His words may very well have cost him his life.

In the following quotes from Malachi Martin’s 1987 book, The Jesuits: The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church, you’ll see references to GC 31 and up. ‘GC’ stands for “General Congregation,” which Is convened upon the death or resignation of their Superior General to choose a successor who can represent the Jesuits on matters they spell out at these conventions. If you want to delve into this deeper, just read his book.

The communist Liberation Theology of the poor nations in Central and South America lit a fire under the uneducated people to form governments that would equally distribute the wealth to the people. Capitalism was the enemy in the political sense and they roused the people to overthrow the ‘elites’ in authority. The Jesuits took that a step further and saw an opportunity with Vatican II to transform the RCC’s hierarchy into a church government by and for the Catholic people.

The mission of the Christian in the world is a mission for all,” Pope Francis is quoted in the National Catholic Reporter, “a mission of service, which excludes no-one; it requires great generosity and in particular the gaze and heart turned heavenward to invoke the Lord’s help.” Big on virtue signaling, the pope’s words sound familiar to those we hear by the socialist Leftists we see in the media. Martin gives the details of Pope Francis’ “new mission” that the pope sees as more important than the pesky pedophile priest scandal.

“So the Society, through the Decrees of GC31[1965] and GC32 [ 1970], was made over to serve in a new mission, sociopolitical in character, antipapal and antihierarchic Church in its bent, and beyond control of the papacy. Within the Society, the traditional mode of Jesuitism was wrecked. [Pedro] Arrupe [27th General] and his Jesuits were now on fire with a passion to help the New Man build his new world.” –( The Jesuits, p 480)

Martin sees this new mission as one that would change the institutional church structure so as to introduce a more political element without apology. He continues:

“The new Jesuitism throws the considerable weight of the Society of Jesus into the scales in favor of those who regard both democratic capitalism and economic capitalism as the great evils to be scourged from human society. For the new Jesuit passion to build man’s world did not burn in some never-never land of make-believe. From the beginning, it was a hands-on exercise in the worldliest of worldly affairs. Arrupe knew his Jesuits in Central America were training Marxist cadres; were themselves active Communist guerrillas, were cabinet members of a Marxist government; were fomenters of revolution; were participants in bloody and sometimes sacrilegious events.” [The Jesuits, pp 480-481]

In other words, any means to an end. It’s based on a hatred of capitalism, i.e. men working hard to make a profit thereby being wealthier than the lazier man on the totem pole. If it took blood-letting to get them to share the wealth, that too was justified. On the other side of the world, the reigning pope didn’t take too kindly to the Jesuits’ agenda. Pope John Paul II would respond with emphasizing the “Seat of Peter” as the “Vicar of Christ” to whom all must show obeisance.

“In 1984, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger [future Pope Benedict XVI} issued an official Instruction for all Catholics concerning Liberation Theology. Ratzinger heads the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith… When he speaks, it is normally as the mouthpiece of the Pope. In his Instruction, Ratzinger made the overall point: No political and economic liberation of people – however needed and justifiable – can be confused with the only liberation the Catholic Church promises, which is liberation from sin and sin’s effects.” [The Jesuits, p. 485]

John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger became the perceived enemy of the Jesuits who saw these men at the top as no different than the elitist governments they were assisting the peasants to revolt against.

“Ratzinger’s point: Since Vatican II, and because of a false interpretation of its documents, there is not one area of Church belief and morality that has not been corrupted…. Kolvenbach [29th General] and his aides within the Society do not need a house to fall on them to understand that someone has burrowed beneath them and torn away the foundations. They realize that John Paul II has found another way to try forcefully to reassert papal prerogatives. If that special synod of bishops were to declare that the current interpretation of Vatican II was Modernist and was false, this would put the new Jesuitism in extreme jeopardy.” [The Jesuits, p 486]

An interesting side-note: Do you see the similarity in the battle over the wording and intention of Vatican II with our own struggle in America for our Constitution as the progressives try to impose their agenda into it, decrying those of us arguing for the original intent of our country’s founders?

“The Jesuit point man in this new phase of the war… is often referred to by his supporters as ‘the Karl Rahner of Liberation Theology.” Juan Luis Segundo is his name… [he] composed the Jesuit reply to John Paul II. That reply is a 1985 book entitled Theology and the Church. Although it purports to be an answer to Ratzinger, from its manner it appears to be really a warning to John Paul II… he quotes the speech with which Paul VI closed Vatican II [in] 1965, and which was such an inspiration for the Jesuits… Paul gave the answer: ‘Deviated – no! Turned – Yes!’ Religion, Paul explained, is completely at the service of man’s good. Because the Church wants man’s spiritual good, it will labor equally for his material good – for his liberation from poverty and economic slavery and political domination.’” [The Jesuits, p 488]

I know, it’s difficult to know who all the players are without a program. But you can see how a redefinition of ‘the Church’ as a political/religious entity comes through the rhetoric we hear from this first Jesuit pope as he pushes for countries not to have borders, condemns President Trump for wanting to ‘build the wall,’ and is making the RCC open to sexual deviants of every sort.

“Segundo’s defense of the new theology is neither more nor less than a defense of the new mission…. As such, it is a defense of every Jesuit priest who shoulders a carbine and joins the jungle guerrillas. It makes clear why Jesuits can be ministers with portfolio in Marxist governments; why Jesuits can attack John Paul II acridly for his teaching on sexual morality; why Jesuits spend their days and their lives solving union problems, organizing sugar-cane workers, running factories, constructing low-cost housing, helping the Planned Parenthood Federation of America spread the use of contraceptives; run nationwide hospital and dispensary networks, organize political demonstrations for this and against that, according as the issues of the day are presented by the ‘teaching authority’ of the ‘people’s Church.’ These are the actions of the new faith, true to the new theology according to which the material needs of men must be the prior object of the Church’s efforts.” [The Jesuits, p. 489]

Jesuits and Globalists Join Forces

A Catholic attorney, Elizabeth Yore, has been very vocal in opposition to this infiltration of communism into her beloved church. She speaks at many lay-conferences across America – organized resistance of the laity against the ‘lavender mafia’ and ‘dictator pope.’ There’s definitely a traditional Catholic movement to restore the RCC to her former glory. Many see the pope emeritus Benedict XVI as the true pope and Francis as an anti-pope.

Yore went to the Vatican and investigated the connections of Pope Francis with socialist billionaire George Soros and the UN’s Agenda-21’s goals to bring in a ‘new world order.’ His Jesuit mission is fully compatible with the aims of these globalists. With the help of a corrupt media worldwide, nationalists are now labeled as racists, while the globalists are seen as the politically-correct path of the upward evolution of humankind. ‘No turning back.’

Yore identifies the players in this demon-inspired new Orwellian age:

“There’s an ‘unholy alliance’ between the Holy See, the Vatican, the United Nations and George Soros.  Folks, this story rivals any Dan Brown novel.”

“I uncovered that the Pontifical Academy became the focal point, the mission command central, for the promotion of the abortion-laden, UN sustainable development goals with Jeffrey Sachs, the special advisor to the UN Secretary General, orchestrating the roll-out of the Vatican joining the UN bandwagon for the approval of the sustainable development goals.”

“This was a power-grab by the globalists and their agenda and in their corner was Pope Francis….The pope repeatedly said that he hoped that… his environmental exhortation would help to pass the abortion-laden, gender-bending, contraceptive-infused UN sustainable development goals.”

“George Soros and his operatives infiltrated the Vatican and were given free rein to direct the Vatican’s global warming; environmental agenda and orchestrating the Vatican’s exhortation on the environment…..These individuals who were embedded in the Vatican were members of his closest advisory panels, his collaborators and his brain trust.”

“Soros himself in his Open Society identifies with the Vatican is so interesting, they understand he’s a popular pope. We need a moral voice. He can speak with moral authority ‘We can’t speak with moral authority, but he can.’”

“I’m convinced that this is an intentional and coordinated alliance between the Vatican, the UN, and Soros. The radical One World Order agenda is hidden and obscured by the false and manufactured climate change movement. Shockingly, the found and secured its missing power-broker – its missing link – its long sought after moral voice. The golden ring of the papacy was won and secured by George Soros through infiltration at the Vatican. Folks, take note. They are moving at lightning speed. Mission has been accomplished on the environmental agenda. The New World Order is well under way”

“Make no mistake. This is about tyranny. This is the megalomaniac that bragged that he considered himself a god. This is George Soros. And that he was even the pope’s boss…. Countless Soros operatives are embedded to this day at the Vatican. They have drafted Vatican documents and set the Soros agenda which mirrors the Francis agenda: mass migration, which George Soros funds; Black Lives Matter; environmentalism. The gig’s up. We are in a death struggle with the secular culture and global domination of elitists who seek to reduce the world’ population by force, redefine marriage and gender, and govern by tyranny.”

“The abject horror that these two entities (UN and Soros) are given a prominent role – a seat at the Holy See – that they have infiltrated the Chair of Peter; that they have formed an unholy alliance – is beyond imaginable. But it is a reality we cannot deny. They are globalists – they control the media; they own the wealth; they head all the wealthy foundations; and now tragically and infuriatingly direct the Vatican and its mega-star pope.”

In the next installment, we’ll look at the invisible forces pulling the strings behind the scenes. And where does all this fit into Bible prophecy? There’s a lot more to this than meets the eye.


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