‘The Inevitable Collapse of the Auto Industry’ by Jackie Alnor and Joni Finkle

The times they are a changing. We’re all just a cog in something turning. The paradigm shift of the Great Reset promises to restructure the world as we know it. The World Economic Forum (WEF) says we’ll own nothing and be happy. We only have to trust in the global vision and keep our mouths shut as we suffer a little bit during the transition into the New World Order (NWO). The global powers know what’s best for us.

. . . Or so they tell us.

The globalist agenda will touch every aspect of our lives. Now that the virus crisis is past, the new normal is merely the calm before the storm. The old normal must be crushed before the oligarchs can ‘build back better.’

For Christians who study Bible prophecy, we saw this coming back in the last century. We just couldn’t foresee how things would work out in real-time. But we recognized the working of the spirit of antichrist pulling the strings behind the scene.

And now, as the worldly kingdoms are in conflict, and even non-believers are wondering what on earth is going on in all this chaos, thinking people see that’s something’s just not quite right.

Popular talk show host Joe Rogan was recently talking about all the dystopian stuff and pointed out that there’s so much happening all at one time. He said, ‘I can’t help but notice something going on. I’m not a religious person. And yet, I can’t help but think there’s a force of evil behind all this that’s not human. I can’t help but think that because there’s no other explanation.’

Humans can’t figure this out. There’s no way everybody is doing all these evil things coincidentally at the same time in every country. This whole idea of us all being on lockdown, conditioning us to stay at home, work remotely and not go anywhere. And even though their rhetoric is it’s due to climate change and we want to stop the polluting of the planet with the carbons, they show their hand in terms of, ‘we can’t let a good crisis a crisis go to waste.’

The transportation industry is under tremendous pressure from the WEF/NWO in the real or imagined war on climate change. It doesn’t take a genius to see the writing on the wall when passing by car dealerships with lots almost empty of cars for sale.

We were all shocked when leftist politician Gavin Newsom, governor of California, announced that his state would ban gasoline-powered engines by the year 2030. But now, the power elites are no longer letting car companies make gas engines after 2030. And within a short amount of time, you won’t even be able to buy gasoline or fill the tank of your passé SUV.

Expect all this to be done in stages. Before they (the global autocrats) close down gas stations, they will ration gasoline while virtue-signaling that they are saving the planet. Your rationing card will determine how much fossil fuel you have used that month – what your carbon footprint is. And when you’ve used up your allotted amount based on meat consumption and energy, time’s up.

Biden’s first act as president was to close down our Keystone XL Pipeline and ruin America’s gasoline independence. President Trump’s cry of “Make America Great Again” was an offense to the ears of the power elite. The USA is the biggest offender of using ‘global resources’ as far as the NWO is concerned. She has to be knocked down to size. And her big luxury cars and trucks are on the chopping block.

Historically, America was at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution’s transportation industry. The Wright Brothers motorized airplanes, launching the aviation industry. Henry Ford’s invention of the assembly line for mass production of the Model-T Ford put a car in every garage. Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway system connected the country from sea to shining sea. The rest of the world benefited from America’s innovations.

But soon, we will have a digital currency, if the aristocracy has its way, and a cashless card so that whatever you do and wherever you go will be tracked and your carbon footprint recorded and used against you. And if you’ve used your allotment of airline flights, meat, and gas, your card will be declined when you go to the gas pumps. Those with a low Social Credit Score will undoubtedly be limited in their allotment of carbon usage.

Nomads will be particularly affected. They won’t be able to travel in their RVs around the country, boondocking from stop to stop. They will be using too much carbon and may have to manipulate the system to borrow carbon limits from their friends and relatives. If they are not going anywhere that month, they may be willing to fill your tank. Many will try to buck the system for as long as they can.

Freedom of movement will soon be a relic of the past.

‘I Robot’ Cars

The next logical step in technology to totally eliminate gasoline-powered cars is developing electric and autonomous driven vehicles. Some car manufacturers are already producing them but are running into unexpected difficulties.

In contrast to the personally owned, gasoline-powered, human-driven vehicles that have dominated the last century, we are transitioning to mobility services based on electric-powered and driverless cars, paid for by trip or through subscriptions. These services will get us around safely and conveniently. Meanwhile, we will avoid the hassles of car ownership and the time lost in parking and pumping gas, not to mention the costs that having a car entail. – Lawrence R. Burns, Autonomy

A friend who works on autonomous cars at Honda confided that he would not trust an autonomous vehicle with his wife or kids’ lives even with all he has learned. Another friend, a tech-savvy journalist, said a disturbing fact he learned at an autonomous car symposium. He said that autonomous cars might brake violently, or worse, drive dangerously off course if a mylar balloon were floating into its path because its Lidar (light detection and ranging) would read the balloon as a metal object coming at it fast. On the other hand, if a ceramic toilet fell off a truck, the car might read the object as a white paper bag and not even swerve out of the way. A handful of deaths have occurred in the testing of semi-autonomous street-legal vehicles, and, in one case, the driver was held legally responsible. The other case involved the co-driver; he is no longer living.

Another uncomfortable factor is that artificial intelligence (AI) would be making moral choices between the life of the driver, the pedestrian, or the lives in the oncoming vehicle. Do we feel comfortable with that as a society? The fans of autonomy will tell you how many lives would be saved, how computers drive much safer than humans, and how we could solve the expense, pollution, and traffic issues in our society if we went all the way with driverless electric cars and online subscription services. Their bottom line is that, even with a few deaths (collateral damage), it would absolutely disrupt the auto industry and create fewer cars on the road while helping consumers save time, money, and stress. All these things seem altruistic, but do the benefits outweigh the risks of turning our lives over to a robot’s control?

There is much to consider: the loss of freedom, travel data collection, legal liabilities, and abdication of life and death decisions. It is a high-stakes game for both corporations and consumers, and once again, we are leaving it to profit-seeking companies to set the ground rules. There are currently 1,400 semi-autonomous cars on the US roads today being tested. Drivers, keep on the lookout!

Autonomous feature names like Tesla’s Autopilot, Audi’s Traffic Jam Assist, Cadillac’s Super Cruise, BMW’s Driving Assistance Plus, and Nissan’s ProPilot give consumers the false impression that they can relax while the car drives itself. On the contrary, the rules are found hidden within the small print of the car’s manual; the driver is liable for any accident that happens if they are not paying close attention at the time of the accident. (So what’s the incentive of owning one of these vehicles if you still have to keep an eye on the road?)

In the case of Tesla owner, 38-year-old Apple engineer Walter Huang, whose Tesla X Auto Pilot accelerated and steered into a safety barrier in Mountain View, California, his family tried and failed to sue Tesla which could prove through its device records that Huang’s hands were not on the wheel six seconds before the crash. Never mind that the car drove directly into a cement barrier at 75 miles per hour. It was not Tesla’s fault. As reported in a National Transportation Safety Board investigation, the driver’s negligence was the cause of the accident and the family’s lawsuit against Tesla was lost.

From legal complexities, wrongful deaths with no recourse, moral and ethical missteps, and consumer fears, the introduction of autonomous cars may be an idealistic dream that could turn into yet another transportation nightmare. Commercialized, profit-making technology empowers corporations to do as they please and hurt, rather than help, our society. The prize of a utopian world of driverless cars may sound appealing, but the road to achieving that goal is a dangerous one, fraught with obstacles and compromise for the sake of profiteering. And if something goes wrong, the businesses that are too big to fail will not be held liable. It is reminiscent of the pharmaceutical company’s immunity to lawsuits with the recent experimental vaccines.

Isolate, Divide, & Conquer

Planes, trains, and automobiles are vital to our freedom of movement. Travel and tourism extend our individual borders and understanding of peoples and places. That freedom is now under threat. Since the lockdowns in America, flights have gone down 75%, while car travel increased 82%. Hybrid cars are not reasonable for long-distance driving. There are currently only 100,000 public charging units in the whole country they can use, and when you do a high-powered charge, it denigrates your battery. So, you don’t want to be doing that all the time. It encourages you to stay home and charge your car up at night.

Recently, gas stations have added an extra digit to their pumps to accommodate the double-digit prices they expect as trends show the rise will likely exceed $10 per gallon. It appears to be an intentional manipulation to discourage long-distance travel, thus keeping the public within a particular region of their homes.

It’s soon not going to be feasible to use gasoline anymore. What will become of all these millions of cars when they are finally defunct, and all the petrol stations are closed down?

The same manipulation is going on in the private ownership of your home. Global companies like BlackRock are buying up all the houses, and billionaire magnate Bill Gates is buying up all the farmland to control food production. They are going after all your basic necessities.

And they want to control it all and use it against you; hold it over your head. All this is in preparation for what’s coming during the prophetic time of Tribulation, when the antichrist will head up the global government. He’ll have complete control over the masses. He’ll know when you are sleeping; he’ll know when you’re awake. So then, when it does come time to take the mark of the beast, the majority of the population will be fully ready for it under the promise of a return to normal life.

For those who refuse to take the mark of the beast, how will anyone be able to survive under these conditions? When they know where you are at all times, and you have no gas and no way of travel, what then?

There’s no escape because facial recognition technology, satellites, and digitized currency will track your movement. They already do. When the law turns against you, you can’t do anything about it. It’s take the mark, comply with unjust laws, or give up and off with your head. I don’t think I would, but the scripture says people do go underground because some survive it.

It’ all a set-up for the future when you can’t buy or sell – or even travel without compliance. There will be no place to hide.

So, get into a place you like, for you may not be able to leave. There will be no place to go but up!


Jackie Alnor is the author of ‘The United States of Israel: America in End Times Prophecy’ and ‘The Fleecing of Christianity: Televangelism in Bible Prophecy.’ She is the former director of Rapture Ready Radio. Her free monthly newsletter, ‘The Scattered Sheep Report’, tracks the signs of the times heralding the soon return of the Lord for His Church. Sign up at her website, The Christian Sentinel, where you can read her archives of in depth investigative reporting.             https://christiansentinel.com

Joni Finkle is an automotive journalist who has worked as senior editor at the LA Times. Her editorial focus is on marketing, automotive safety, and electric cars. She spent 15 years as a marketing manager at the American corporate offices of Mazda, Hyundai, and Honda. She is former producer of the radio show, The Bible Answerman with Dr. Walter Martin and other Christian programing formerly aired on KKLA in Los Angeles.